Episode 51 | Louise Bedford -Trader & Mentor

September 26, 2021 Nicholas Penrake
Episode 51 | Louise Bedford -Trader & Mentor
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I realise it’s quite possible you’ve had a lousy week. Trading is a tough game, right? Well, here’s a thought: have you tried it without the use of your arms with a pen in your mouth? And no, I’m not being facetious.

My next guest is without question the most extraordinary person I’ve had on the show so far. Hers is so much more than just another trading success story, this is one of those human success stories favoured by documentary filmmakers. In her early twenties she lost her job due to a debilitating neurological disorder that deprived her of the use of her arms. This kind of a setback would be enough to floor most of us. But not Louise Bedford

Having learned to trade as a teenager, she threw herself into trading full time – trading with a pen in her mouth. Today she’s a successful trader, a highly regarded mentor and keynote speaker. If ever you needed some inspiration as a trader after a bad week, or indeed a good week, listen to this. 


BEFORE YOU HEAD OFF… as we all know, a lot can go wrong in trading. Some days you can find yourself gasping for breath and telling yourself you need a complete break from it.

Well, take a look at this. It’s a way of making passive income by taking a stake in the crypto space but doesn’t require you to trade crypto. The company in question is called Yieldnodes. And essentially, what these guys do is provide cutting edge services to the blockchain network, such as maintaining e-wallets and the like.

It’s very easy to get set up on the platform, and the returns are truly exceptional, averaging around 10% per month. Once you factor in compounding you could be looking at just north of 200% per annum. Here’s another thing I think is really important: Yieldnodes have allowed members to audit their incomings and outgoings and found them to be entirely transparent.  

I personally think this is an exciting proposition and, if you sign up through my link, instead of the usual minimum deposit of 500 Euros, you can make a start with just 50 Euros. Heck, some people put that on the lottery every weekend! So why not plant a seed today with Yieldnodes and see what grows from there?

By pass the 500 Euro minimum requirment and start participating in the Yieldnodes project with as little as 50 Euros via this link while he

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